The Iberian Peninsula and Morocco are the gateway to Europe and Africa respectively and present great business opportunities for international companies and investors across many sectors.

This event offered an opportunity for representatives from Abbantia Law Firm, including AGA’s EMEA Regional Chair, Maria Zabala, (Spain), Alves, Botelho, Varela & Asociados (Lisbon), Luque Velasco (Madrid) El Khatib Law Firm (Tangiers) and Akonseil (Casablanca) to meet and discuss common interests and synergies, with a view to working on potential collaborative business opportunities within the region and under the AGA brand.

Special thanks to Hatim Elkhatib, Managing Partner at El Khatib Law Firm, for his organization and support of this Iberia Meeting, the idea of which was posed during the 2022 EMEA Conference in Budapest by Carlos Montesa Kaijser (Abbantia) and Amal Azarour (El Khatib).

Given the success of the meeting and the importance of developing opportunities between the group further, it has been agreed to organize a follow up meeting in 2023.

For more information about how AGA firms can help you in this region, please contact Carlos - carlos.montesa2@abbantia.com in the first instance.

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