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Founded in 1979, Alliott Global Alliance provides a rich combination of lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and auditors in 100 countries worldwide who will collaborate with each to meet all of your requirements.

AGA professionals offer a wealth of experience and expertise in M&A transactions and a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing mergers and acquisitions. We will provide strategic advice tailored to specific industry dynamics and market trends and offer unparalleled value to corporates and investors seeking to navigate complex deals.

True Global Reach
Located across all major continents, each office is carefully selected for its expertise, and although each professional is a specialist in their own country, the global reach of the alliance also allows our professionals to lead on cross-border transactions, connecting clients with professionals with the requisite specialist skills to deliver value-driven solutions wherever needed in the world.

A Collaborative Global Multidisciplinary Team
Clients benefit from the knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness of AGA professionals, many of whom have worked for the big global consulting firms. When needed, a locally based office will coordinate a team of legal, tax and accounting experts who will prioritize the building of flexible, long-term relationships with clients, understanding their goals and delivering results that align with their strategic vision.

Service of a Uniformly High Standard Across the World
At the core of our M&A capabilities is a strong commitment to client satisfaction and success, and The Together as One service model ensures clients can count on a uniformly high service standard almost anywhere in the world. Expect responsiveness, clear communication, transparency, and technical excellence when doing business in Berlin, Germany or in Brisbane, Australia.

Our Expertise in Deal Making Across the World

Investor and acquisition due diligence

From regulatory compliance to financial discrepancies, we meticulously uncover risks inherent in cross border M&A deals. Our due diligence expertise will scrutinise the deal's legal, financial, and operational aspects, identifying potential issues such as undisclosed liabilities, tax obligations, regulatory hurdles and cultural disparities, empowering you to make informed decisions and safeguard your investments

Market research & analysis

Harnessing our global expertise, we provide unparalleled market research and analysis tailored to cross border M&A strategies. Our in-depth assessments encompass market trends, competitor landscapes, regulatory environments, and consumer behaviour, offering insights to guide strategic decision-making and enhance the success of cross-border acquisitions

M&A negotiations, documentation & closing

From intricate purchase agreements to regulatory filings, we expertly manage the documentation for cross border transactions. We will draft and review contracts, due diligence reports, disclosure schedules, and compliance documentation. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure all legal requirements are met, mitigating risks and optimizing outcomes for our clients

Regulatory approvals

We specialize in securing crucial regulatory approvals for cross border M&A deals, particularly in antitrust and foreign investment domains. Seasoned professionals will navigate intricate antitrust regulations, conduct thorough assessments and craft mitigation strategies. Simultaneously, we adeptly manage foreign investment hurdles, ensuring compliance with jurisdiction-specific requirements to facilitate smooth transaction execution

Tax planning

Our tax planning solutions meticulously address potential tax liabilities such as transfer pricing issues, withholding taxes, tax treaty implications, and VAT/GST considerations. Our expertise ensures proactive mitigation of risks and optimization of tax outcomes, safeguarding your interests and maximizing value in every M&A transaction

Post merger integration & support

From aligning financial reporting to harmonizing legal frameworks, we optimize synergies, mitigate risks, and facilitate seamless integration. Our tailored strategies ensure smooth transitions, maximizing value and minimizing disruption

Financial valuations

Our multidisciplinary approach combines legal and accounting expertise to deliver precise financial valuations for cross border deals. We assess factors including market trends, asset quality, and regulatory considerations to determine fair valuations, mitigate risks, and optimize deal structures

Structuring advice

A collaborative approach between lawyers and tax advisors enables the unique custom design of diverse cross border deal structures. These may include asset purchases, stock acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures or reorganizations. By considering legal, regulatory, and tax implications, we ensure you select the most advantageous structure to optimize your objectives and minimize risks

Employment transition strategies

Working together as needed, our lawyers and tax advisors devise comprehensive employment transition strategies for businesses undertaking cross-border M&A. Our lawyers navigate complex labour laws, contracts and regulatory compliance, while our tax advisors assess tax implications on employee benefits and compensation. Together, we ensure seamless transitions, addressing legal and tax considerations to optimize workforce integration and retention

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Our Value Proposition


Make it easier for companies to expand and operate internationally


We offer a seamless, integrated approach to M&A transactions, ensuring optimal outcomes


We enable companies and investors to stay focused on their core business


We take on companies’ compliance obligations to reduce risk and worry


We provide a Single Point of Contact for complex, multi-jurisdictional projects

Let AGA support your cross border M&A transactions across the world

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