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Supporting Victims of International Fraud & Scams- Together as One

Founded in 1979, Alliott Global Alliance now has lawyers in over 70 countries who provide expert fraud, asset tracing and recovery solutions in their jurisdiction. Each law office has been carefully selected for its specialist expertise.

True Global Reach

Our reach extends to every world continent and includes many of the world’s largest economies, as well as leading offshore wealth havens that have complex bank secrecy laws and institutions where the proceeds of fraud are often hidden.

A Collaborative Global Multidisciplinary Team

Working Together as One, AGA lawyers provide an international fraud and asset tracing solution to victims of sophisticated frauds involving cybercrime, insurance, commodities, banking, grand corruption and bankruptcy/insolvency. 

Our team regularly handles local and multi-jurisdictional matters, often acting as ‘international counsel’. When need, a locally based lawyer will coordinate multidisciplinary teams of overseas lawyers, forensic investigators, forensic accountants and expert witnesses. 

Service of a Uniformly High Standard Across the World 

We provide timely, strategic and proactive advice to locate, trace and recover misappropriated assets. We know what needs to be done, and how, and we understand that rapid response is critical especially where misappropriated assets are often quickly laundered through bank accounts internationally by fraudsters. Our global team is well positioned to provide a coordinated response across multiple jurisdictions so that money is recovered, wherever in the world it may end up. 

Our Experience

Cybercrime, identity theft, forgeries & financial account compromise

Fraudsters assume the identity of a colleague / supplier / service provider / government officials. After gaining the victim's trust, the fraudster sends forged documents and instructions to extract payment from the victim, sometimes even enticing the victim to give up their banking details and passwords to directly gain control of bank accounts and dissipate the victim’s assets.

Ponzi scheme

The fraudster offers investment opportunities that promise very high returns with little or no risk. In reality, the investment does not exist. Initially, the fraudster allows the victim to withdraw as a way to prove the investment exists and to entice further, larger payments. The victim then finds it increasingly difficult to withdraw investments until the fraudster suddenly disappears.

Asset tracing and recovery

Regardless of the modus operandi, fraudsters often quickly dissipate and launder the stolen monies internationally in an attempt to make it difficult for victims to trace and recover assets. Urgent Court applications for injunctive relief and disclosure relief are therefore necessary to freeze the fraudsters’ bank accounts to prevent dissipation, and for banks to disclose privileged banking documents to facilitate tracing of the stolen monies, especially where the stolen monies have been onward transferred.

Complex commercial fraud 

Employees and executives of major corporations may engage in high-value, complex fraudulent schemes to cheat the company out of its assets and subsequently hide these misappropriated assets internationally through onshore and offshore bank accounts and corporate structures. Often the fraudulent schemes will lead to the company becoming insolvent, causing major losses to shareholders and investors.

Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting is often required (especially in major complex fraud) to investigate and identify dissipated assets and to aid in tracing and recovery.

Global Solutions Services Vat London

Millions of Dollars Recovered for Clients

AGA lawyers have recovered many million of dollars for victims of major and often highly sophisticated cross border frauds.

Recent cases 

  • Acted for the victim of an employee fraud in the sum of US$4M, successfully recovering all of the internationally laundered funds through cooperation between AGA member firms in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Represented a victim of an employee fraud and obtained injunctive and disclosure relief against 50 bank accounts to facilitate tracing and recovery of the stolen assets
  • Acted for the victim of an identity theft fraud. Successfully recovered all of the funds through cooperation between AGA member firms in Hong Kong and Australia.


Our Value Proposition


As one of the largest global multidisciplinary alliances, our legal and forensic accounting experts will assist with tracing and recovery globally


We have dedicated fraud, asset tracing and recovery teams. This means we quickly identify the team to best serve your needs


A swift response is key in fraud matters. Our experts have the experience and will take action immediately to safeguard your assets


If your assets have been dissipated to various jurisdictions, we provide a Single Point of Contact to lawyers and accountants in multiple jurisdictions.


The synergy effect created by our alliance also means less time and monetary cost for our clients.

Let AGA support you locally and internationally where needed