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Supporting Startups and Investors- Together as One

Founded in 1979, Alliott Global Alliance has lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and auditors in over 95 countries worldwide who provide a complete legal, tax and accounting solution for startups, growth companies and investors. 

True Global Reach

Although each professional is an expert in their own country, they also act as a regional or global solution provider to companies setting up, expanding, or looking to invest across borders. Each office has been carefully selected for its specialist expertise.

A Collaborative Global Multidisciplinary Team

Clients benefit from the knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness of AGA professionals, many of whom have worked for the big global consulting firms. When needed, a locally based office will coordinate a team of legal, tax and accounting experts who will handle all requirements as specified in your startup or investor journey, whether company formation, strategic advice on expansion, and scale-ups and high growth companies, advice on venture capital financing.  Clients benefit from the experience and close working relationships of AGA professionals who often act for the same companies in different countries. 

Service of a Uniformly High Standard Across the World 

The Together as One service model ensures clients can count on a uniformly high service standard almost anywhere in the world. Expect responsiveness, clear communication, transparency and technical excellence when doing business in Berlin, Germany or in Brisbane, Australia. 

Our Expertise in Supporting Startups & Growth Companies

Cross border conversions (flips)

If you are a fast-growing company looking to relocate to another jurisdiction, it is important to understand the common tax and legalities involved, including set up and licensing

Annual financial statements

Our accounting professionals across the world will prepare your financial statements in accordance with local GAAP accounting rules, ensuring business owners and investors are assured of the health of the business. It is also critical to business growth and sustainability that your finances are visible, consistent, and comparable

Supplier and customer contracts & agreements

Corporate agreements are viewed by courts across the world as legally binding. Whether you need a supplier agreement in the US, a joint venture agreement in Japan, or a review of customer terms and conditions in the UK, our global team will negotiate and draft your agreements to maximize and protect your interests  

Corporate housekeeping and governance

Effective corporate governance underlies every successful business. We specialize in helping companies to manage governance and comply with regulations. Our lawyers join up their advice to help those growth businesses that are expanding to ensure their governance structures fit the requirements of each jurisdiction

Cross border commercial litigation

If you are dealing with a litigious matter that involves more than one jurisdiction, this can be challenging to navigate. AGA lawyers are well versed in dealing with cross border litigation and disputes and will guide you through the different legal processes that you may encounter in various countries

Employment law

AGA lawyers live and work in the same countries as you and your employees and know the local courts, local laws, and have expertise across many industries. We welcome your questions about compliance and employee benefits and offer innovative solutions to your early employment law challenges

Intellectual property and data protection

As a start-up or growth company, protecting your IP is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. It helps secure funding and supports a strong brand identity and reputation. Our lawyers will advise on issues such as brand management, copyright infringement, patent litigation and trade secrets. Cross-border IP litigation or international IP strategies can be coordinated for you, wherever needed

Cross-border investment support

If you plan to invest in another country, such as buying property or shares or other assets, our accounting and tax professionals can help you manage your cross-border financing arrangements to ensure maximum efficiency and optimum structures 


Our team will be with you every step of the way in the M&A process as you scale up and explore international expansion. They will offer the most straightforward solutions to the challenges you may face if growing by merger, buying another company, or selling (exiting) to another company or investor in a different jurisdiction

Cross-border collaboration

Collaborations between larger corporations and startups are growing in importance as companies look to pool their resources, technology and ideas to adapt to shifts in the marketplace. Our legal and accounting professionals will help you navigate the processes involved to ensure your collaboration model of choice is a success

Expert Legal Tax Solutions For Startups Investors

Our Expertise in Supporting Investors

Cross-border investment support

If you plan to invest in another country, such as buying property or shares or other assets, our accounting and tax professionals can help you manage your cross-border financing arrangements to ensure maximum efficiency and optimum structures 

Cross-border M&A litigation

Our corporate team has years of experience helping VCs and PE firms with their M&A requirements and will guide investors through the legal challenges and risks inherent in buying another company and/or investing in a foreign company

Cross-border due diligence

As an investor, assurance regarding a target business is key, including at a minimum the potential liabilities and risks. A cross-border legal, accounting and tax team will help you analyse financial performance, check legal compliance, and review tax implications across jurisdictions to help achieve your strategic goals

Joint ventures & strategic partnerships

JVs and strategic partnerships are key to investors accessing new markets, technologies, or capabilities. Our legal, tax and accounting professionals are ready to advise on the best route and will ensure contracts and arrangements between both parties are aligned

Investor interests

Whether you are looking to acquire a stake in a public company or are launching a formal takeover bid, our professionals will assist from a regulatory and legal perspective and will help you navigate the tax and accounting implications, whether the purchase is local or cross border. We can also help you put any financial power or attorneys (POAs) in place

Advisory Solutions For VC PE Investors In Startups

Our Value Proposition


We make it easier for companies to expand and operate internationally


We take on companies’ compliance obligations to reduce worry and risk


We enable startups and their investors to stay focused on their core business


We scale with companies and investment firms from market to market as they grow


We provide a Single Point of Contact for complex, multi-jurisdictional companies

Let AGA support you in growing and protecting your business across the world

Together as One - Our Service Model

Our service model, including our ONE Point of Contact approach, ensures a successful implementation and the oversight and direction of ongoing support across the world. Your Lead Engagement Partner will build a team that scales with your business growth and needs.

ONE Team
Engage one team for all of your set-up, accounting and tax compliance and legal advisory needs. Within one country, one region or across the world.

ONE Set of High Service Standards
Count on team members who understand the importance of responsiveness, clear communication, transparency and technical excellence… as set out in our Service Promise Agreement.

ONE Source of Expertise
Access a fully comprehensive, à la carte range of compliance and advisory services from ‘under one roof’ via our global alliance.

ONE Point of Contact
Work with one Lead Engagement Partner (the ‘Hub’) who coordinates with Local Engagement Leads (the ‘Spokes’) in each jurisdiction. Advice is joined up, reporting is consolidated, and clients only need to explain anything once.

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