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Supporting Global Employers & Their Mobile Workforces - Together as One

Founded in 1979, Alliott Global Alliance tax advisors and legal experts in over 95 countries who help global employers to managed their workforces' tax, social security, employment law, payroll, and legal and immigration compliance. Each AGA member firm has been carefully selected for its specialist expertise. 

True Global Reach

Located in all major continents, each of our experts are specialists in their field and will assist HR professionals and business owners at emerging growth companies, mid-sized international businesses and multinational corporations to make confident decisions when tackling their mobile workforce challenges.

A Collaborative Global Multidisciplinary Team

With our specialists working Together as One across the world, clients will benefit from our knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness. Many of our professionals have trained and worked for the big global consulting firms.  Our regional and global teams regularly handle local and multi-jurisdictional matters, and when needed, a locally based professional will provide cross border coordination of a multidisciplinary team of tax, immigration, payroll, and employment law specialists. 

Service of a Uniformly High Standard Across the World 

AGA global mobility professionals offer smart, pertinent advice specific to short and long-term assignments plus extended business travel. Working closely with the client, we are flexible and adaptable, understanding that a client's needs can change at short notice, and supporting them through all stages of a project. 

Our Experience

Tax and Social Security compliance

Before sending an employee or group of employees overseas to work, it is essential to understand the employer and employee tax and social security implications between two or more countries to ensure compliance prior to the employee commencing work

Arrival & departure tax briefings

Our briefings provide relocation and departure guidance in relation to the employee working overseas and covers residency rules, double taxation agreements, capital gains tax, and, when required, inheritance tax

Payroll set up and processing

Whether employing a single employee or a workforce overseas for a temporary or permanent position, setting up payroll and understanding the processes can be complex. PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions will vary depending on where the employee will be working, their employment type and duration of the assignment

Per diems consulting

Per diems is a daily separate allowance for employees who may incur extra costs when being sent to work outside of their normal jurisdiction. Allocation for items such as lodging or meals are not considered as salary and are non-taxable if they meet certain conditions

Corporate tax & country tax issues, including permanent establishment

Any business expansion generating revenue in another country can be deemed by the local authority as a permanent establishment, meaning this income or VAT may be recoverable by them. Considerations include business location, employee commission, location of contract negotiation and if the employee has a fee generating role. A permanent establishment must be formally registered

Immigration, work permits & visas

Obtaining a work permit or visa to work in or reside in another country is essential to gaining entry. Immigration rules and regulations change frequently and so developing an immigration strategy to ensure ongoing compliance and support of a relocated workforce is key

Employment law & commercial contracts

Employment contracts require consideration of local and foreign immigration, tax and employment laws, and the type of contracts in place will impact the tax obligations of employees and employers

Expatriate Tax Immigration Solutions Alliott

Our Value Proposition


Make it easier for global employers to move their people from one place to another


Take on companies’ compliance obligations to reduce worry and risk


Enable HR professionals to stay focused on their core business


A flexible, collaborative approach to service. Support is on tap whenever and wherever needed


A Single Point of Contact for all your international mobility needs

Let AGA support you locally and internationally where needed 

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