In our first 'Trends' thought leadership piece, our international business lawyers provide clients with some latest insights on 'Force majeure'.


Force majeure events are usually defined as certain acts, events, or circumstances beyond the control of the parties, for example, natural disasters or the outbreak of war. Recently, however, clients have discovered, to their detriment, that ‘pandemic’ does not necessarily come under ‘force majeure’ in a commercial contract and
that court interpretations of enforceability vary wildly across the globe.


Clients are resorting more frequently to negotiation in courts of law and are specifically using arbitration to resolve disputes involving force majeure. It is therefore important to start negotiations now!


Supply chain disruption and delay has caused price volatility in the materials market and has prompted many construction businesses to ask for the inclusion of force majeure clauses in their commercial contracts.


When a force majeure clause is added to a contract, detailed drafting of such clauses is essential so that the clause spells out the specific type of events and circumstances that the contracted parties would agree constitutes a force majeure.


Force majeure is not always an Act of God –and many of the challenges that impact the conduct of a business are in fact foreseeable, and many are or will be caused in the future by global warming, which is foreseeable, and manmade. Therefore, it may become increasingly difficult for a lawyer to draft a contract that protects
a client against a catastrophe that could not have been foreseen. If you require support in this regard, a preliminary chat, or advice concerning your existing, current and future business relationships, please do not hesitate to contact our International Business Law Practice Group.

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