As part of a drive to focus on our rising star professionals working at member firms in the APAC region, we have conducted a number of Q&As. We recently caught up with Elena Kuzmina at Baumgartners, our accounting firm member in Melbourne, Australia. We asked her to share with us why she chose a career in accountancy, what motivates her and what she should would like from Alliott Group. 

1. Position title


2. Why did you choose this as your career?

I was always good with numbers in school and from a young age, I always could see myself working in a professional environment advising clients. 

3. What is the best part of your job?

Developing others and sharing knowledge with team members and clients.

4. What is your firm’s difference in your opinion?

The variety of work and supportive environment.

5. What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

Being nominated for leadership programs in one of Big Four employers based on performance. Also, clients emailing directly to partners to express positive feedback on my service. 

6. What motivates you?

Knowledge and being valuable to clients and team members.

7. Name one item you cannot do without?

Coffee first thing in the morning. 

8. What is one thing you would like to see Alliott Group implement?

Potentially more networking events for manager/supervisor level staff at Alliott Group member firms.