Over 40 members and consultants from Alliott Group Israel (AGIL) met in late December for their regional conference in the ancient city of Athens.

Representatives from 25 member firms from across 10 cities in Israel attended at the Athens Mariott Hotel for the three day event.

Prior to the main conference John Kleopas, Alliott Group's former Worldwide Chair from Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants, hosted a cocktail reception for delegates and their companions at his offices where everyone learned more about his firm, the services it offers and how members can work together to mutual advantage.

The visit ended with a welcome dinner for all with John and his wife Gail invited as guests of honor.

During the conference’s plenary sessions, John presented the current strategy of Alliott Group that will take us up until 2022 and highlighted the benefits and opportunities open to all through membership of the alliance. He also updated everyone about the group’s new and recent members and opened up discussions about the current tax system in Greece.

Radu Sora, from Sora & Associates, the alliance’s law member in Romania, gave a short presentation about his firm and about how to do business in Romania.

The conference also provided an excellent social programme that included a local tour around Athens and Marathon Lake.

Members at the recent Israel Regional Conference

Dov Rabinovitch of Shohet Rabinovitch in Tel Aviv, comments:

“It was good to see so many of our members attend in Athens. AGIL perfectly demonstrates the Alliott Group ethos, that is of medium-sized firms working together to help extend the presence of the group across Israel while building upon our professional relationships and personal friendships.

“Thank you to all who presented during the conference and thank you also to John and all the staff at Kleopas Alliott for their excellent hospitality”.

Giles Brake, Alliott Group's COO adds:

"Our Israeli members form a very vibrant, collaborative and strong national grouping. They help each other to improve and to extend the services available to their clients. They gain strength in number and are able to stay ahead of the game in a rapidly changing professional services world. This is exactly what Alliott Group is focused on supporting across the world."

Through the year, AGIL holds many seminars (free of charge for members and their employees) on professional subjects, led by leading professionals in their fields. Members from outside of Israel are also very welcome to attend these seminars and to attend the Israeli conference which falls late in the calendar year.