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A spark of creativity ensured a memorably event for Alliott Group's German member firm audalis on the occasion of the firm's 90th anniversary. Read the short report below to find out more about the firm's history and how the firm staged a superbly themed event with high profile speakers, over 500 guests and a generous gift to a very worthwhile community charity. 

Impressive development into today's modern firm

The history of audalis began on 1st of March, 1927 when a man made  a decision that was to change not only his own life. Tax consultant, and later auditor, Dr. Toni Gauer, took the daring step into self-employment by setting up his one man business in Dortmund.

Following numerous mergers, acquisitions and investments, this one man business continues to expand more and more every year.

Today, 90 years later, that small business in Dortmund has developed into an internationally-oriented, integrated service company. audalis has become a professional firm of experts who deal with all aspects of taxation, auditing and corporate law. The firm now has over 230 employees across five locations in Germany, as well as an additional office in Poland.

Guests enjoy a celebratory drink

Taking guests on a journey

For audalis, this milestone anniversary was a good reason to bring out the champagne and to do so in a location that symbolises a ‘departure’ from the ordinary with international flair. audalis invited approximately 500 guests to join them in Hangar 3 at Dortmund International Airport. Following a check-in procedure with real boarding passes, ‘passengers’ were then transported by shuttle to an exciting anniversary program with lots of music and interesting guests of honour.

Airport signage marks the occasion

Looking back before going forwards

To the sound of a plane taking off, Dr. Michael Kohler took to the stage to rev up the engines for the evening’s events. He began with a look back at audalis’ history which is inextricably linked to that of his own family given that his father was also a partner in the firm for many decades before him.

Dr Kohler started the journey at Toni Gauer’s small office in Dortmund, tracing the windy path that has led to today’s large interdisciplinary auditing, taxation and law firm in multiple locations. 

Following this trip down memory lane, it was time for the guests of honour to pass on their congratulations. Firstly, Heinz-Herbert Dustmann, President of the International Chamber of Commerce, and then Thomas Westphal of the Economic Development Agency in Dortmund, conveyed their warm wishes. There was even a small gift - a speed sign showing the number 90 to commemorate the milestone anniversary.

Guests check in at the event

A clear vision of the future

After the speeches, it was the younger generation’s turn to take the controls. Trainees Oscar Rümenapf, Dominik Sommerfeld and Melda Sahin put the partners to the test by grilling them with critical questions on the future development of the firm. For example, ‘What course is audalis planning to steer in the age of digitalisation and internationalisation?’ and ‘How can we continue to make ourselves indispensable as advisors?’ The answers provided deep insights into the future of the firm. 

A special guest

Thomas Reiter talks about his missions into space and the challenges ahead

This was followed by one of the evening’s real highlights - ESA-Coordinator and Astronaut Thomas Reiter took guests on an imaginary journey into space during which he spoke about his missions to the MIR and ISS and the technical challenges that need to be overcome on manned space flights. With his speech, and above all, photos of the expeditions, he drew everyone irresistibly into his orbit. 

Helping a worthy cause

The evening was not only a good opportunity to listen to exciting talks and to celebrate audalis’ anniversary, but also an opportunity to contribute to a good cause. Instead of giving presents, the guests had been asked to donate to a charity project which audalis has been supporting throughout the anniversary year via the company`s own charity foundation.

The project had been chosen following a vote by staff at the beginning of the year for the Christopherus-Schule in Dortmund-Holzen. Thanks to the audalis’ support, this organisation will now have its own school garden. The institution supports mentally and physically disabled children between the ages of six and nineteen. In the proposed garden, the direct contact with nature will enable students to develop and practice their motor and social skills. On behalf of all the partners, Eva Maria Carli thanked donors whose generosity has now ensured that the project will be realised.