About this program

With member firms across all regions of the world, the opportunities for AGA members to engage in cross border business and intercultural exchange are vast. Over the years, our members have seconded staff between countries including the UK, Australia, Africa, Belgium and Germany. 

Our Staff Exchanges Program enables member firms to share and leverage each other’s human resources to encourage a truly global mindset within their workforce.

Who is it relevant to at my firm?

You are encouraged to explore opportunities to exchange fee earning employees at all levels of the firm: junior, mid-level, manager, senior or partner level. While staff placements/secondments can arranged on a non-reciprocal basis and for any duration, a reciprocal exchange is strongly encouraged and will maximize benefits to participants and their employers. 

The benefits

Posting your high performers to a member firm in a different city or country will give your employee a unique opportunity to develop strong cross-cultural and interpersonal skills and improved business acumen through working with members in different locations. Such experience will prove invaluable throughout the employee’s career.

Involvement in such a program will also enhance your firm's image and help you to attract and retain the brightest local talent. 

Exchange of knowledge and skills between member firms will also:

  • Increase your capacity during busy seasons
  • Improved quality and consistency of service delivery between alliance member firms
  • Enhance participants’ appreciation and understanding of clients’ cross border needs, enabling them to service clients more effectively on their return. 

The practicalities

The terms of any arrangement, including duration, are flexible and are to be agreed directly between member firms. As the work placement will often have the purpose of involving the seconded employee in fee earning work for the host firm, it is suggested that seconded individuals should have the appropriate language skills and professional qualifications for the intended level of work. Arrangements such as visas, accommodation, insurance, remuneration and expenses will need to be concluded between participant member firms.

Contact us for assistance

For support and advice on seconding your employee to another member firm, contact Jenny Ringrose at the Executive Office. We can help to 'match make' and introduce you to the right firm.