Tax Financial Leaders del Ecuador TFL, the AGA accounting firm member in Ecuador, has published a comprehensive guide to taxation in Ecuador which outlines Government initiatives and laws which are part of a long-term plan to promote internal and external investment in the country's economy, to boost job creation, stimulate production and manufacturing and ensure fiscal stability. 

This guide, which is in the English language, is targeted at has been authored by tax experts Johanna Pineda Morales, Maria Gabriela Altamirano and Angel Agurto Vazquez

The guide covers:

  • Income tax and benefits
  • VAT and income tax payment deferral
  • VAT refunds
  • Capital outflow tax (ISD). 

Click here to download this invaluable guide to taxation in Ecuador.  

For information about taxation in Ecuador

Please contact Mr Angel Agurto Vazquez at AGA's accounting firm member Tax Financial Leaders del Ecuador