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Practice Areas

  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate law
  • Dispute resolution & arbitration
  • Estate planning, trusts & wealth management


  • Agriculture, forestry & paper
  • Energy & utilities
  • Financial services
  • Property & real estate


Nobert is an Attorney of the High Court and Supreme Court of Zimbabwe with experience in advocacy and corporate advisory. He specializes in Corporate & Financial advisory which includes Insurance & Pensions, Investments and Property law. Nobert is a Registered Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public (High Court of Zimbabwe and the Law Society of Zimbabwe). He is also a Registered Trademark and Patent Attorney (Zimbabwe and ARIPO) and a Registered Estate Administrator (Council of Estate Administrators). Nobert is a member of the International Bar Association, International Pension and Employee Benefits Lawyers Association, Pension Lawyers Association of South Africa, a Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators Southern Africa.