Annette Blaes, Managing Partner


Born in 1962, Annette decided after the A-level to study economic sciences and finished her studies in 1989 in Saarbruecken, Germany, where she specialized in accounting, business evaluation, merger and acquisitions, domestic and international taxation, management of companies and groups. She wrote her thesis about the "Influence of tax driven options in valuations in the financial statements and the due report about it in the notes". During her studies she passed the base training of Arthur Andersen, Germany, one of the former Big 6. Her career start was at a German political party, where she was for four years manager for the regional parliamentary group. On the national platform of this party, Annette was active for the women's organization. After four years, the party was not reelected in the next elections. Her career continued as responsible and Managing Director for personal development and new calculations in a hospital group with 3.000 staff, where she was after two years asked if she would like to take over the complete administration as Managing Director of the related nursing group, which she did for twelve years. In 2008 Annette had been asked if she would like to join the actis group where she got appointed president of the supervisory board of the auditing company and where she is managing partner of the HR-company and the business consulting company of the group. We specialize in domestic and international consulting of companies and groups, including family owned businesses, trusts and foundations and public institutions in the fields of strategy, organization, due diligence, corporate finance, restructuring, recruitment and personal development, accounting and taxation. Main business sectors are the nutrition industry, real estate, media, recycling, IT, health care, financial services and public institutions.