Engineered Tax Services
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United States of America

We perform studies or analyses in specific sectors, for example, real estate and R&D. We already work closely with a number of Alliott Group member firms. REAL ESTATE For those US members (or members based outside of the US) who have investor clients who own or invest in US real estate, we can help with tax aspects such as tax credits, incentives, deductions or depreciation related to that piece of real estate. We carry out an analysis on the property to create a study whose findings can be applied to the tax return- this ensures that all the benefits offered by the US tax code for that property are being utilized. R&D This will benefit businesses involved in innovation and technology such as architectural practices, software development companies and manufacturing businesses. Companies that are patenting new products may be able to qualify for a tax credit. This benefit specifically applies to companies that have a US office with US employees and that are carrying out activities in the US. HOW WE WORK Typically, we meet with a company’s team to identify which of their activities qualify for credits. Then we issue a report which captures the credits for the company. Our relationship with Alliott Group provides members with extra value that would not normally be accessible– reduced ETS fees and VIP status. Furthermore, you will get to work directly our Executive Team rather than with our sales staff and you will have direct access to our internal CPA and tax attorneys and expert and specialist guidance.

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