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This app can be used to contact any Alliott Global Alliance member - simply click on 'People' from the menu at the bottom of the screen and search for the person you need to contact. 

If you need to contact a member of the Executive Office in London, a list of personnel with their contact details is available to you below:

Giles Brake

Giles is responsible for the strategy of the group and the day to day management of the Executive Office. Giles is a dual honours (BA) graduate in European Studies (French & German) from the University of Bath and holds a post graduate Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Digital Marketing from the University of Hertfordshire's Business School. Giles has spent 20 years working for international alliances and has also spent time working for Microsoft Europe's marketing team. 

Email: giles@alliottglobal.com

Damien McMenamin

Damien leads the alliance's Global Business Development Team and has responsibility for ensuring the membership continues to thrive through growth and consolidation in key markets. Damien's background includes senior management experience in business development including an accounting professional membership firm, education management and finance. Damien's career has seen him work in Los Angeles, Prague, Belfast and London. Damien is educated to Masters level in Business Administration and currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He is married with 2 children, a boy and a girl.

Email: damien@alliottglobal.com 

Jenny Ringrose

Jenny is responsible for the alliance's member services and engagement strategy. Among her responsibilities are the planning and organisation of the alliance's schedule of events around the world to ensure members have optimum opportunities to network, learn and exchange experiences and ideas. Jenny is members' point of contact when they first join the group (on boarding), need help capitalising on their affiliation or have an enquiry which requires bespoke support. 

Email: jenny@alliottglobal.com

Sophia Rook-Blackstone

Sophia is a key member of the alliance's Global Business Development Team. Her key focus is on identifying and vetting opportunities to develop Alliott Group into an alliance with a truly global presence. 

Email: sophia@alliottgroup.net 

Melloney Pritchard

Melloney is the Head of Marketing & Communications and is responsible for putting in place initiatives that build awareness of and interest in Alliott Global Alliance and for ensuring members understand how to generate real value by capitalising on the global opportunities offered by the alliance. 

Email: melloney@alliottglobal.com 

Meg Beditz

Meg is the Marketing Communications Executive in the North America region, responsible for implementing initiatives that improve communications, the sharing of innovations and connectivity across the region. 

Email: meg@alliottglobal.com