A seven-year legal battle by a woman to prove that the abdicated King Albert II of Belgium is her father has ended after the Brussels Court of Appeal ordered a DNA test that revealed that plaintiff Delphine Boël is indeed his biological daughter.

The high-profile case was presided over and won by Alain De Jonge, partner at Seeds of Law and his team.

Alain, pictured, commented:

“I am extremely pleased at the outcome of this long and complex case. There had been various appeals to court from both sides since Ms Boël first approached the King.

“The Cour de Cassation (Belgium’s Supreme Court) finally rejected the appeal lodged by King Albert II against the decision of the Brussels Court of Appeal of 7 June 2018 and ordered a DNA test to put the case to rest. Following the result on 27 January, the Brussels Court of Appeal ruled that Mr Jacques Boël, the husband of Delphine’s mother at the time of her birth, is not the father of Delphine.

“The revelations now mean that Ms Boël can lay claim on parts of the former monarch’s estate but will not be in the line of succession to the throne."

The King has since announced that he will no longer contest the case and will accept the Court’s decision.
You can read more about the background of the case here.

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