Join our business forums

A growing number of practice groups focus on common and often specialist areas of professional expertise. 

These groups have formed with the purpose of driving business and therefore member interest in collaborating across geographic borders and often across professions too. Each group is led by the Executive Office staff and expert volunteer members and provides a forum for members to exchange information on industry trends and the legal, regulatory and tax related developments that are opening up new opportunities (and challenges) in their marketplaces. Sharing strategies for winning new business is at the heart of every group’s activities.
There are no additional fees to be join any of our groups.

Key focus areas for each GPG

While each group is different, emphasis is placed on: 

  • Networking between members to maximize existing client development opportunities 
  • Marketing and business develop to create new client opportunities 
  • Education - among ourselves but also via external consultants 
  • Development of shared resources including marketing but also technology/software. 

Select a practice group below or contact COO Giles Brake for further information on how to get involved or perhaps initiate a new GPG.