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In partnership with The Sales Seed, our Preferred Provider for Business Development Training, we offer access to the training options below:

Business Development in the New Normal: More information

With all of the changes in our world, individuals and firms are struggling to find balance in what appears to be our "new normal." Even with change all around us, it's important to continue to focus on how to grow businesses for long-term health and success.

Business Development in the post-quarantine environment will look different than it has in years past. Simply attending networking events and meeting potential clients is no longer an option. This six-month program, provided in partnership with The Sales Seed, our Preferred Partner for Business Development (North America region) provides individuals a framework to become effective and efficient at developing new business and personalized coaching to ensure success.

This six-month program is built on the traditional business development framework built specifically for accountants teaching the following strategies:

  • Prospecting Your Ideal Client
  • How to Land a Meeting
  • Pitching & Differentiating Your Services
  • Negotiation Skills

Additionally, this specific program is tailored to incorporate strategies on how to not only prepare for the future of normal interaction, but how to accomplish all of these items in a remote environment.

Using a combination of multiple channels for individuals to learn, engage, and contribute back to the group all while receiving personalized coaching positions each individual for long-term success.

Please note: This program started on August 17 and will run until February 2021.  Contact Jenny Ringrose if you are interested in joining the next intake. 

This program will be delivered in a virtual format combining:

  • 12+ Self-paced training courses hosted on Alliott branded platform
  • 6 Zoom best practices sessions for Alliott members only
  • 4 total 1-1 coaching calls (1 per module)
  • Virtual private sessions with course instructor throughout the entire 6 months
  • Access to virtual resources for Alliott participants only
  • *9+ hours of self-study CPE per participant