Old Bailey Chambers

Old Bailey Chambers
Floor 1, House 4A, Road 84, Gulshan 2

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OLD BAILEY CHAMBERS (OBC) is a full-service corporate and intellectual property law firm. OBC is the REACT Partner Firm in Bangladesh. Considered as the premier in comprehensive intellectual property law practice in Bangladesh, OBC also specializes in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Emerging Technology & Data Security, Competition, Media & Entertainment and Defamation, with an adept focus in Foreign Direct Investment, Company Incorporation and Cross Border Issues, Land & Property, Family & Guardianship, and Tax, Vat & Customs matters. OBC possesses commendable success rate in corporate litigation too.

Practice Areas

  • Intellectual property
  • M&A
  • IT consulting
  • Private client litigation
  • Company commercial law


  • Food & beverage
  • Telecommunications
  • Media & marketing
  • Tech