Borrie (Rotterdam office)

Borrie (Rotterdam office)
Jan Leentvaarlaan 1
Zuid Holland
3065 DC

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It's all about knowledge and trust in our industry. Knowledge you acquire, trust you earn. We succeed in this because we have excellent mastery of our profession and because we strive to establish a unique personal relationship with all our clients. On the basis of this approach Borrie has been providing financial services since 1950, and giving economic and fiscal advice to medium-sized and large businesses, the self-employed and not-for-profit organisations. It is our mission to create a financial climate for our clients in which they can function optimally and flourish. Borrie has offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and employs over 100 staff members. Crucial to our working method is the human connection that emerges in a long-term relationship: our advisers have both feet firmly planted in the client's world and keep up to date on everything that is relevant to both business and personal circumstances. We provide answers even before they have been asked. Furthermore, we are smart and fast: we provide adequate advice efficiently, so that the financial situation remains clear and transparent at all times. We encourage our employees to become autonomous professionals. We do this by not only providing good remuneration and a personal training plan, but also by creating an informal culture in which everyone can put their capabilities to optimum, long-term use. In a dynamic financial world, Borrie chooses the long-term approach. Profit is crucial, but integrity and honesty in business yield more in the long run. On the basis of this approach, we help entrepreneurs to do the right thing; for themselves and for the future of their business. Borrie is a member of the professional organisations NBA, NOB and SRA. We are also an active and driving force in Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance in the field of accountancy, tax advice, law and consultancy.

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Borrie (Amsterdam office)

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  • CFO / financial outsourcing
  • Budgeting & forecasts
  • Employee benefits plans
  • Audit & assurance
  • Business tax
  • International tax compliance
  • International tax planning
  • Holding companies advisory
  • Global mobility & expatriates
  • Venture capital


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  • Retail & wholesale
  • Retail & wholesale
  • Financial services
  • Financial services
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  • General industrials
  • Telecommunications
  • Architecture, engineering & construction